In this latest film Joseph travels to “la bella Roma” and shows us the importance of planning your painting, concentrating on the fundamentals of selecting a subject and composition. He suggests that we avoid the obvious and emphasizes the value of observation and drawing. He then uses these ideas to produce pencil drawings and watercolors of various corners of Rome—a market, along the river Tiber, a quiet street and outside the Pantheon. He finishes the film by painting a large studio watercolour of the Piazza Del Populo that we see him sketch in situ.  

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APV has produced fine instructional and informative videos of Joseph Zbukvic at work producing breathtaking watercolours. In each video, Joseph invites us on his adventure as he captures the essence of the scene, explaining thoroughly his amazing watercolour techniques. Click on images above for preview or visit APV Films website to learn more.

Please note Joseph does not handle retail sales.